Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Spiritually Dead on Arrival

What makes our job of deception so easy is the natural spirit of man. Humans are dead spiritually. This renders them incapable to live in the light of the Enemy’s glory as they ought to live. Understanding this gives us the advantage in our destructive diplomacy.

We enjoy watching the news reports on those humans who were caught lying, thieving, raping, and murdering, and watching it be reported as if it’s some strange thing that has happened. The human creatures sit in front of their televisions and recoil, “How could she do that to her own kids?” Well, after thousands of years of daily evils -gross sins committed even in the best of social environments- one would think the human creatures could see the common trend in their fellow man. Mankind is born into this world spiritually bankrupt.

As sons of Adam they are born imputed with sin. The “in sin did my mother conceive me” factor (Psalms 51:5) makes them stillborns spiritually, separating them from their creator. This makes their need of regeneration, or more commonly termed “born-again”, their greatest need before their journey through the land of second chances ends.

As most of you know, nothing can save a man except the power of God. This power is manifested when they cut themselves off from the power of their flesh and there own ways to righteousness and fall upon their knees in faith and repentance, placing their faith in Jesus Christ as the payment to free them from their accumulating sins.

The regeneration spoken of in the forbidden Word means God taking out their heart of stone that cannot respond to Him, and replacing it with a heart of flesh, that will respond to divine stimuli. He opens their eyes and they see Christ. The cultural icon with a beard so often mocked is now seen as relevant and precious. The striving for personal righteousness is seen clearly as filthy rags (Isaiah 64:6) and disregarded as insufficient to save. The Enemy opens their ears and they hear Him, and they have new desires to follow Him.

Understanding that mankind is in bondage to doing evil, makes them incapable to meet the requirements of entering into the presence of the Enemy. Knowing this we persuade men.

Keeping them in the grave,

-Lord Grimthorn