Monday, June 18, 2007

Screwtape on The Da Vinci Code

Reactions to Screwtape’s slip about The Da Vinci Codes hidden agenda.

After spending jail time in the slag mines when letters to his nephew were found and published in the 1940’s by that Irish professor from Oxford, one would think that a semi-intelligent demon, like Screwtape, would learn to shut his howling screamer. In this link you will hear Screwtape himself, yet again, using an unprotected human device to communicate to his beloved nephew, Wormwood. What is he talking about? Nothing, except secret tactics and methods used in our latest weapon of mass deception, The Da Vinci Code.

The Da Vinci Code, a novel by Dan Brown, perfectly blurs the lines between history and fiction, leaving readers, and now moviegoers, thinking that Christianity is based on a lie. The ideology that Brown is espousing in this fast paced thriller ranges from resurrecting Gnostic ideas to blatant historic revisionism, and has led many humans into confusion about the truth. What angers me most about this recording of Screwtape, is that this dunderhead is using the English language to communicate to Wormwood the errors in Brown’s book. Does Screwtape not know that it’s the English-speaking people that are in the most need of the truths of which he is inadvertently speaking? If we are going to continue to capitalize on human ignorance, podcast addicts like Screwtape must have their lips sown together and their fingers ground down.

This is yet another reason why High Command must cast this medieval rogue out of the Upper ranks and into the lowest depths of Hell once and for all.

Hear Screwtape yourself, or read the transcript. I don’t know how this Eric Metaxas fellow intercepted this message, but we should keep an eye on him as well.

Keeping the Truth firewalled from human minds,

-Lord Grimthorn