Monday, February 12, 2007

Channel Frederator exposes Ghosts of Fire GLoG

Offslot, one of my cultural analysts, informed me that last November my GLoG had been posted on a popular animation site entitled Channel Frederator.

GLoG on Channel Frederator

Apparently, one of you had left a comment on another human web-log, which redirected them back to the GLoG. … WHAT PART OF TOP SECRET DO YOU IDIOTS NOT UNDERSTAND???? How many claws must I grind off before the message is clear? The internet access on your PDAs is only for accessing the GLoG, not promoting it-especially to humans!!

Lucky for us, the humans didn’t “get” what we are about. It seems like they were visiting the GLoG for some kind of entertainment value. These hedonists will try to make even my commands to destroy them entertainment.

The Ghosts of Fire GLoG must be kept from human eyes at all times. Its contents can radically set the humans free from their dept of sin and awaken them to the reality of the war for their souls. Luckily, since we’ve updated our URL from to this should stop all unwanted traffic. Nevertheless, an investigation is already underway to determine which of you devils it was that broke cadence. Fess up, or prepare yourself for the irons.

Your religious avatar,

-Lord Grimthorn