Sunday, April 30, 2006

The Ghosts of Fire are online

Greetings again my fellow workers of iniquity. I, Lord Grimthorn have been given the task of archiving The Ghosts of Fire's tactics and current progress in operations. Through the following weeks I will be posting my wisdom, battle images, and equipping you with tactics for your missions.

The key for us to be effective is to have a clear understanding of how the Enemy operates. For us to configure our attacks we must understand how the human maggots think and learn to predict their every move. To the right are links to websites that communicate the Enemy's battle plans recorded in the Forbidden Word. If the Creator is going to be so careless as to reveal His plans for earth through online messages to his people, then we will be listening in as well.

I'm recording these instructions, despite the fear of my technician Ghroulcoon, who believes it's too risky. In any case, my assistant Beezle will be monitoring this site and will be keeping you informed about your next moves.

Your indisputable superior,

-Lord Grimthorn

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Intergrading Technology

High Command has decreed that every Special Force Group keep an updated log for battle history, weapon feeds, and a most importantly the primary instructive source for division members.

Lord Natas has decided to use human technology for communication. (On a secure network language). Using human programs and Wi-Fi connections our forces can distribute reports, battle plans, and advanced training courses to all reaches of Earth. Our computer programmers are using a secure language intergraded with BLOGGER web log technology, called .EVL making our dark communications virtually unstoppable!

Prepare for your instructions by the overseer of your division shortly.