Thursday, February 01, 2007

Fulfilled Prophecy

It is a shame that I must waste my time reviewing what you lazy devils should already be familiar with. Luckily for you, High Command has thought it well to revisit such information, lest there be any ignorance found in the camp. Judging by the poor marks on the annual evaluation last Wednesday, I am now glad we are reviewing. You bunch of neophytes! How are we going to discredit the forbidden Book if we don’t know what gives it creditability? In my day, this ignorance would land you a date with the iron maiden!

Concluding our review of the forbidden Book is the third principle of Bible reliability: Prophecy, or predictive ability. The Bible records predictions of events that could not be known or predicted by chance or common sense. Surprisingly, the predictive nature of many Bible passages was once a popular argument (by liberals) against the reliability of the Bible. These human critics argued that the prophecies actually were written after the events and that editors had merely dressed up the Bible text to look like they contained predictions made before the events. Sadly, they couldn’t be further from the truth. The many predictions of Christ’s birth, life and death were indisputably rendered more than a century before they occurred as proven by the Dead Sea Scrolls of Isaiah and other prophetic books as well as by the Septuagint translation, all dating from earlier than 100 B.C. Thus, the predictive ability of the forbidden Book has separated itself from all other books written by man, or beast.

Without proper suppression, predictive Prophecy is a principle of Bible reliability that often reaches even the most biased of skeptics. Since Christ is the culminating theme of the Old Testament and the Living Word of the New Testament, it should not surprise us that prophecies regarding Him outnumber any others. Many of these prophecies would have been impossible for Jesus to deliberately conspire to fulfill — such as His descent from Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob (Gen. 12:3; 17:19;); His birth in Bethlehem (Mic. 5:2); His crucifixion with criminals (Isa. 53:12); the piercing of His hands and feet at the crucifixion (Ps. 22:16); the soldiers’ gambling for His clothes (Ps. 22:18); the piercing of His side and the fact that His bones were not broken at His death (Zech. 12:10; Ps. 34:20); and His burial among the rich (Isa. 53:9). Jesus also predicted His own death and resurrection (John 2:19-22).

This following link lists some fulfilled prophesies in verse comparison.


Concluding this review of why we hold the Bible as trustworthy, I want to again reemphasize the importance of using the Bible as a strategic directive in our assaults. Again, for us to be effective with our craft of deception; we must know our enemy’s official field guide and instruction manual and reasons why it is reliable. Knowing why the forbidden Book is reliable gives us confidence and a clear understanding in which precepts we must manipulate in order to lead these human maggot-feeders further into destruction. The more truths we know, the better we are at suppressing them.

Your faithful mentor,

-Lord Grimthorn