Friday, November 23, 2007

New Ghosts of Fire Field Marshals

Greetings, my gentle devils:

It has been some time since my last correspondence with you. The GoF leadership and I have been very busy recruiting new field marshals due to the capture of the Little Critta, Pokey, and Lt. Hoosegow during Operation Metro Goldwip. So I am very pleased to announce that our negotiations in the Airacobra with other Division leaders went very well. I thank our dark Father Below who was instrumental in bringing us these new field marshals. The GoF have acquired, from left to right; Quisling, from Norway, Heinrich Ine Ironside, from the SS bunker still deep under Auschwitz, and SGT. Fortinbrass, a field marshal also from Norway.

I am posting these pictures on this secure blog line in order to give you an image to look for when they appear to you. They will be contacting each of you shortly with movie trailers and detailed instructions as to when you should show them. Prepare to move forward with Operation Golden Compass when they arrive. This next month should allow us a great opportunity to place an awful amount of deception into the children.

Greet them with a unholy hiss,

-Lord Grimthorn