Friday, November 17, 2006

The Nature of Fire

A fire does not set out to burn leaves, but if dry leaves fall from a tree that is anywhere close to the flame the very nature of the fire will consume it. In the same way God does not desire to punish His creatures for their sins, but if they fail to receive the forgiveness offered through Christ the nature of God’s holiness will judge them by the standard of God’s very own perfection. If there was no punishment for sin, then God’s justice would be called into question. Just as you and I were judged and cast down to earth ages ago in the great rebellion, the humans will be judged for their decisions as well. God will deal with sin wherever it's found even in the nicest of humans. If they only understood the eternal degree of the Creator’s holiness the cross of Christ as payment for humanities imperfection would not seems so strange.

Some have asked, “Why can they now enter heaven freely? By what means of payment can they give to escape judgment and enter heaven?” The blood of the innocent and perfect Christ is the only payment worthy for them to enter. For them to accept Christ as their savior means to be cleansed once and for all from their wrong doing.

How then do they receive this freedom from sins? They must first realize that they are imperfect and have sinned against their Creator. Humans must ask Jesus to save them and trust in Him to take them to heaven when they die, just like someone would trust in a parachute before jumping out of a plane.

Again, our job is to try to deceive those unforgiven humans to reject Christ and God’s holy nature will judge them like dry leaves to the fire.

Keep them from the cure,

-Lord Grimthorn